Decks of crazy: !Brujah Go Nuts

As per request by Blood Artist from VEKN-forum our first deck of crazy is not NSOM, but rather standard Kindred Spirit deck, but with a twist. The deck is aptly named !Brujah Go Nuts and features crypt of Brujah antitribu with some dem weenies, who Dive into Madness. Having only four guys in crypt who know dementation seems to work surprisingly well with eight discipline granting masters, Winchester Mansion and some Dive into Madness to beef them up.        Sitting as predator for a Kindred Spirit deck can be annoying because of the constant pool gain and threat of bleeding backwards. This deck takes it one step further by adding Spoils of war. The bloat does not quite match that of Girls type decks, but can easily give them run for their money while being much faster to start.     Besides bloat the deck has no defence, what so ever, so keeping the pool gain going is the key. For that reason it is important, that if your prey is too tough, to not be a

NSOM defined

At the moment there are two ways to oust methuselah from game of VtES. Reduce the player’s pool to zero, by whatever means, or foil his/her withdrawal attempt with Brinksmanship in play. Brinksmanship shenanigans are rarely seen and earn their very own entry anyway. This leaves us with reducing players pool to zero which is usually achieved either by: 1.      Damaging political votes or 2.      Bleed actions These are the two normal ways to oust people, everything else is considered non-standard ousting mechanisms, NSOM for short. I also count as NSOM bleeding and politics when the method used bypasses the normal defenses used against these, or when damage from single action is enough to oust someone sitting on decent amount of pool, say 10+. Examples of these are Death Star builds utilizing Revolutionary Council or power bleed utilizing Will-o'-the-Wisp or Blind Spot to deny both blocking and bleed redirection. To count as NSOM it’s not enough to slap couple of Ana


These are musings of slightly demented Gangrel Elder. I bought my first Jyhad cards early 1995 and have been playing the game almost continuously since then with only few short bouts of torpor in between. I'm not very competitive and play mostly casual having participated in perhaps three dozen tournaments over the years. I have managed to get to a number of finals including Ropecen 2017, but my first tournament victory is still eluding me. One reason for this lack of glory is probably my obsession with non-standard ousting mechanics and fancy combos. I have tendency to jam my decks with far too many moving parts. Most of the time this causes my decks to simply not work or lose momentum at critical point of the game. But once in a while, when stars are right, it's pure awesomeness. The WTF look on your opponents faces when you ping them for 17 pool with Elder Kindred Network or hunt block loop their Condemnation Doomed minion with Henry Taylor playing Meld With the Land at